Say “YES!” to A Better Illinois!

The “A Better Illinois” campaign is a coalition effort in which the AAP-IEA is participating. Adequate funding for public education and public pensions, is a problem you know all too well. Higher Education has been hit the hardest by far over the past several years. A serious fix is required to meet the challenge. The campaign goal is to get a referendum on the ballot in 2014 to effect real and lasting change to fund our state. Here are points for you to consider around “A Better Illinois”:

  • Illinois needs a fair tax system based upon ability to pay. A fair tax system will require a constitutional amendment to allow for a graduated income tax. By signing the support petition and participating in the campaign you are telling your state legislator that you want a fair tax system where the rich pay more while easing the squeeze on middle and working class families. A fair tax system will generate needed revenue for Illinois public Higher Education and create jobs in our state.
  • Those who have an income of $150,000 or more would pay a slightly higher percentage, but only on their income above $150,000. A fair tax system will properly fund Illinois public education, health care providers, transportation infrastructure, and public safety. At the same time, a fair tax system will lead to more jobs and small business growth. The great majority of taxpayers will see a decrease in their state income taxes under a fair tax system.
  • Signing the petition will tell legislators they should pass a bill to allow a statewide referendum on a fair tax amendment to the state constitution. Demand that your legislators allow the people of Illinois to vote on a fair tax system. “We, the people…” should decide how to properly fund Illinois.

Support the push to reform Illinois’ income tax structure. As public employees and especially as Higher Education employees, more than anyone you realize our state needs more revenue. Please sign the petition via the link below and list the IEA as your affiliation. Enlist your friends and family to do the same.

None, zip, nada!

By now you should have already heard of the University’s intention to move ahead with a policy to make the UIUC a 100%, absolutely-no-exceptions smoke free campus.

This new policy would extend to all campus-owned property starting January 1, 2014:

  • There will be no designated smoking areas.
  • Sports events, concerts, and other public events would be included.
  • Smoking would be banned in private vehicles on campus-owned parking lots and garages, as well as on campus-owned streets.
  • E-cigarettes would be included in the prohibition.
  • Repeated violations of the no-smoking policy could result in termination.

While there are many compelling points presented in support of such action, it is appropriate to consider the University’s position with respect to a change in working conditions. If you have questions or concerns regarding this new policy and how it will affect your working conditions, the AAP would like to hear from you.

For more information regarding this new policy: